Nissan Career Paths

At Nissan we believe the power comes from inside. We make a positive impact on the world through our teamwork, our rich cultural diversity and our passion for innovative products. We believe in:

  1. Global and dynamic teams, that adopt a mix of global business styles in 170 countries around the world
  2. Genba (Front line) Strength with the capability to plan and execute on our corporate direction
  3. An open, integrated organisation that allows for global alignment , local decision-making and access to top leadership.
  4. Innovative, exciting products for customers that challenge the status quo, shape the industry and bring the best to market (kaizen).

Nissan offers an exciting and diverse portfolio of career opportunities. We are an aggressively growing sales and marketing lead business, with its own financial services and manufacturing companies. As Nissan evolves so too do the career opportunities available for our employees, making it an ideal organisation to further your career.

Read on to learn about key career paths at Nissan.