Dealer Star Ratings

How is the star rating calculated?

The star rating reflects an overall star rating for the dealership based on an average of the Sales and Service departments star ratings. These star ratings are given by customers who have purchased or serviced a Nissan at the dealership. The ratings are collected from responses to independent customer satisfaction surveys, over the last 6 months, and are updated monthly.

Where do these ratings come from?

Customer feedback is collected and reported by Potentiate Global, a leading market research company on behalf of Nissan.

Potentiate has been a leader in the design and delivery of Customer Experience Management programs in Australia since 2009, working with brands across a number of industries including Automotive, Retail, Leisure, Financial Services and Human Wellbeing to deliver programs that improve customer experience for their customers.

Why do some dealers not have a rating?

In some cases a rating isn’t shown. Where no rating is shown it means the Dealer is either new, the number of survey responses is too low to generate a Star Rating, or the Dealer has a Star Rating below 3.