Takata Airbag Recall FAQs

  1. Is my vehicle subject to the Takata airbag recall?
    In order to determine whether your vehicle is subject to the Takata airbag recall, you will need to know your vehicle identification number, or ‘VIN’. Your VIN is a unique 17 character serial number that can be found on your vehicle or in documentation (such as registration documentation). You can typically find your VIN on the passenger side door sill or on your registration papers. You can then check if your vehicle is currently under active recall by visiting www.nissan.com.au/takata.
  2. My vehicle has previously been involved in a collision or other incident

    If your vehicle has been involved in a collision or other incident and a frontal airbag was replaced, it may be faulty and need immediate replacement to prevent serious injury or death.

    If you believe your vehicle has had a frontal airbag replaced following a collision or other incident, please urgently contact your nearest Nissan Dealer or the Nissan Customer Service Team on 1800 988 334 for further assistance.

  3. My vehicle is not currently under active recall

    The VIN search may result in a message that states your vehicle is not currently under active recall. However, your vehicle may later be recalled. To check to see if your vehicle is subject to a planned future recall, please check the Recall Initiation Schedule or contact the Nissan Customer Service Team on 1800 988 334.

    Nissan will seek to contact affected customers directly at the relevant time, however we may not be able to do so if we do not have your updated and accurate contact details in our system. Please visit http://www.nissan.com.au/forms/update-details to update your contact details now or contact the Nissan Customer Service Team on 1800 988 334

  4. What corrective action will Nissan take?
    Any Authorised Nissan Dealers will be able to replace the front passenger or driver airbag inflator depending on what is required for your vehicle. To replace the airbag, normally, the Dealer will need your vehicle for no longer than half a day. Please contact any Authorised Nissan Dealer to book your vehicle at a convenient time. If you present your vehicle to a Nissan dealer without an appointment there may be a delay in getting your vehicle rectified. You do not need to return to your selling dealership to have this recall carried out. If you require assistance in locating your nearest Authorised Nissan Dealer, please visit http://www.nissan.com.au/find-a-dealer 
  5. What is the cost to the customer? 
    If your vehicle is subject to the Takata airbag recall, Nissan will carry out this recall free of charge. 
  6. Can I get a loan car? 
    If you are required to leave your vehicle with a Nissan Dealer for more than 24 hours from the time of drop off in order to replace the airbag, then the Dealer will provide you with a loan or hire car, or offer to fund or provide reasonable alternative transportation if you request it.
  7. Can I get my car towed to a Nissan dealer? 
    If your vehicle has an “alpha” airbag, stop driving your vehicle immediately. Your Nissan Dealer can arrange to have your vehicle towed to the workshop for repair or arrange for a technician to travel to you so that you do not need to drive the vehicle.
  8. What assistance does Nissan offer to have the recall carried out? 
    Whilst we acknowledge that having your recall carried out may be inconvenient, we will make special arrangements for replacement where reasonably warranted by your circumstances. Circumstances which may warrant special arrangements include (but are not limited to) situations where you are:

    • elderly, infirm, or disabled
    • located more than 250 kilometres from the nearest place of replacement, or
    • located on an island which does not have a Nissan dealer in our network or another qualified place of replacement authorised by us.

    In these situations, the replacement may involve towing or transporting a vehicle to a place of replacement, providing a qualified automotive technician to perform the replacement at a place near your location, or other similar measures. Nissan will pay for necessary transportation costs including accommodation (appropriate to your situation).
  9. What is an “alpha” airbag? 
    Alpha airbags are a subset of Takata airbags that were installed in some vehicles supplied in Australia between 2000 and 2004. Alpha airbags have been identified as posing a significantly higher safety risk than other Takata inflators because they have been shown to rupture more frequently. It is critical that owners of vehicles with alpha airbags take immediate steps to have the airbag inflators replaced because of the significant risk of injury or death associated with these inflators.
  10. Is this a safety recall? 
    Yes, the vehicles affected by this recall are faulty and could kill or seriously injure you and other people in your vehicle. If you are involved in a collision, the airbag can deploy with too much explosive force, causing sharp metal fragments to shoot out and kill or seriously injure people in the vehicle.
  11. What is the defect with the airbags? 
    The propellant in inflators in the Takata airbags subject to the recall may degrade after prolonged exposure to high absolute humidity and fluctuating high temperatures. Degraded propellant can cause inflator rupture during airbag deployment. In the event of an inflator rupture, metal fragments could pass through the airbag cushion material, striking the vehicle occupants, and result in serious injury or death.
  12. I have already had the recall completed, why have you installed the same part in my vehicle? 
    Prior to 24 August 2017, the parts installed in recalled Nissan vehicles were new Takata airbags which are considered safe for a period of at least six years (or longer depending on the operating climate of the vehicle). You may hear this referred to as a ‘like for like’ replacement. The installation of this part in your vehicle was deemed to be more suitable than leaving original airbag inflators in use while newly designed parts were developed, produced and delivered. The part installed in your vehicle will be recalled in line with our Recall Initiation Schedule to be published by 2 July 2018 on www.nissan.com.au/takata.
  13. How will customers that purchased a second-hand vehicle be notified of this recall? 
    Nissan gathers information from the Road Traffic Authorities around Australia and use this data to contact the owner with whom the vehicle is registered. Regardless of whether you bought your vehicle brand new or second hand, if it is included in the recall you are entitled to receive a replacement airbag free of charge.
  14. Where can I report any concerns I have regarding the recall?
    Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding the recall, please contact Nissan’s customer service team on 1800 988 334. You may also wish to contact the ACCC to report your concern at: https://www.productsafety.gov.au/contact-us/for-consumers/make-an-enquiry